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Uragold Bay Resources (URAGOLD) is a TSX-V listed (Symbol UBR) High Purity Quartz and Gold exploration company focused on generating free cash flow. The scope of our activities range from exploration and mining operations to a new emphasis on becoming a vertically integrated producer of Silicon Metal, Solar Grade Silicon Metal and polysilicon. Our business model is centred on developing projects suited for smaller-scale start-up that generate high yield returns.


Patented plasma base process that
reduces quartz to solar grade silicon metal in one step

High Purity Quartz

Largest holder of high purity quartz properties in Quebec

Beauce Gold Project

Permitted for Phase 1 production
Significant potential for further exploration discoveries


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Important Notice
Please note that many if not most of the references to minerals reserves, resources, tonnages or grades referred in our press releases, geological summary reports or maps on this website are historical in nature. Furthermore some of these data were generated by the various sources prior to the implementation of NI 43-101 regulations. Readers are cautioned not to rely upon these information unless Uragold specifically indicates that they are NI 43-101 compliant.

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